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Teen Anxiety

One in six teens has anxiety of some sorts. Teens have so much on them from achieving high grades, sports, social (social media, dating, etc.), to home life. We use yoga philosophy, EFT, meditation, and yoga to teach teens positive ways of dealing with today’s stressful lifestyles.

Teens (and parents who want to help their teens) will feel a sense of calm and have the ability to focus more on the things you love to do. Red Head Yoga’s Mindful Yoga for Teen Anxiety is a course that blends yoga, mindfulness, awareness, and self-esteem in a way which helps teens manage their anxiety.

Red Head Yoga’s Mindful Yoga for Teen Anxiety is a 6-week course which for teens who want to learn how to help deal with their anxiety using mindfulness and yoga. This class meets once a week for 1 ½ hours to 2 hours.

Eligible Participants
All teens from the age of 12 – 19.

Training Overview
Taught by Cindy Beers, MS, 500-hr RYT, this 6-week class teaches teens:

  • What happens to their body when it is anxious (the physical signs)
  • What is teen anxiety (it is different than adult anxiety)
    • Explore what triggers your anxiety
  • The different types of anxieties (including panic attacks and stress)
  • The importance of meditation
  • Exploration of different meditations and works for you.
  • How to do anxiety coping modalities including:
    • The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)
    • Breathing (pranayama)
    • yoga sequences and poses (asanas) specifically for anxiety.
  • Exploration into body image
  • Power of affirmations
  • How to lead a mindful life
  • Create a home yoga practicing using yoga poses (asanas) that are specifically effective in calming anxiety.

Typical Class
Each class starts off with a personal practice of meditation and tapping followed by an instructional session for what is being taught for that day.

Contact Cindy with any questions HERE!

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I took Cindy's "Mindful Yoga for Teen Anxiety" teacher training at PCYH. Cindy is an excellent teacher and presented her material with enthusiasm and passion. Her life story, and the reasons why she came to be a yoga teacher are awe-inspiring. She teaches from a place of deep inner strength, with warmth, compassion and authenticity. My 15 year old daughter attended the training and was impressed with how relatable and "cool" Cindy is--it's not easy to impress a teenager! I was especially glad to see Cindy introduce EFT in conjunction with yoga and pranayama techniques--it is not familiar to many but is a very effective technique to relieve anxiety. Overall, I felt that I, and my daughter came away with great tools to use, resources to continue our studies, and future support if needed, to address teen anxiety issues.

Bravo Cindy!
-Helen A

Helen A August 26, 2017