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  1. I’m new to yoga/your studio. How do I get started?

Welcome! If you have any questions you can call (717.571.4610) to talk to us. If you are brand new to our studio your first visit is free. To register, you can do so on this website, our Facebook page, or Schedule Bliss.

  1. How old do I have to be to come to class?

You need to be at least 17 years old. Anyone under 17 must have parental permission. Any child under 17 must be accompanied by a parent.

  1. Where do I park when I come to your studio?

Since the studio is at my residence, you can park in the driveway or across the street at Fisher Park.

  1. I’m not flexible at all. Can I still practice yoga?

That’s a great reason to start practicing! Yoga is about so much more than flexibility in the body. The fact that you asked about yoga at all is the perfect reason to try it!

  1. What do I wear to a class?

A good rule of thumb is to wear to class something that once you sit on your mat, you won’t have to worry about. Select clothing that allows ease of movement while simultaneously providing consistent coverage. We discourage wearing socks as they could be injurious (detract from stability on your mat). It may sound obvious, but please do consider the various movement of legs and arms when selecting your yoga clothing – if choosing shorts wear undergarments, and avoid street clothing like jeans.

  1. What do I need to bring to a yoga class? A meditation class?

If you have a mat bring one and if you don’t have one we have mats you can use for free. You may bring your own water bottle or have water here at the studio. You can also bring your own towel, however we have some here for you to use for free also.

  1. What is yoga studio etiquette in a nutshell?

You will find our community here at Red Head Yoga to be kind, thoughtful, and respectful. That’s really what it’s about:

• Be mindful and courteous to other members
• Don’t wear perfumes or strong scents of any kind.
• Shoes are never allowed where we do yoga. Put your shoes and belongings opposite of where we do yoga or in the garage
• Don’t use your cellphone in the practice rooms (if it can’t be off, have it on silent (not vibrate)).
• Don’t bring in food
• Need liquids during class? Use only containers with a tight lid.

  1. I REALLY want to go to class, but I’m expecting a VERY important phone call. What should I do?

We get it – life happens. Have a conversation with the teacher BEFORE class (please arrive early enough to do this in a non-disruptive way). Our rules around cell phone use are driven by our dedication to preserve the sacredness of the space.

  1. Do I need to sign up for classes online (i.e. pre-register for classes)?

You do NOT have to sign-up for classes online; you can call (717) 571-4610. There are three ways you can sign up: on the website, Schedule Bliss, or on our Facebook page.

  1. Do you offer a discount?

Veterans are always free at Red Head Yoga. All Veterans must bring a valid form of ID to show service. If you would like to do yoga and cannot afford the fee, contact Cindy at cindy@redheadyoga.com to discuss private.

  1. Are the classes for beginners?

Good Question! The classes at Red Head Yoga are designed for any level you feel where you are at.

  1. How long do I have to use my class card?

Our class cards come in 10 and 20 classes. The 10-class pass expires in 3 months and the 20-class pass expires after 6 months.