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Cindy believes yoga can heal all. Yoga philosophy is alignment the mind and body. All this can be achieved with just walking in the door wanting to take control of your life. She incorporates not just the yoga philosophy but meditation and spirituality (don’t confuse this with religion…two different things).

Red Head Yoga is about creating community. Whether you choose one on one sessions or a group, it’s fun to make friends, find yourself, and have fun. We offer one-on-one sessions; corporate wellness which includes yoga classes, meditation, and Ayurvedic eating; group sessions that you can create! This can even be a party! Nothing is more fun than having all your friends together, having a great yoga class, and sitting around afterwards enjoying a cup of tea and laughing.

Veterans and First Responders are very important to Cindy. As a veteran she knows how war and life events can change your life and throw you off causing depression, anxiety, PTSD, and on duty injuries. Any Veteran or First Responder who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or have suffered on duty injuries receive yoga and meditation for free!